Below you will find my current workshops. To book a place simply drop me an email or give me a ring on 07817743381

1st Wednesday of the month starting march refreshments included £5 pp

Really relaxing drop in for anyone to join we have a different topic each month.

March 4th Reiki benefits how can it help me ?
April 1st    Discover meditation and benefits of breathing correctly   and natter. 
May 6th  Creative crafts to heal yourself.
June 3rd  Journaling Just for me. 
July 1st    Start loving me now 
Aug 5th     Life coaching tips top 10 
Sept 2nd   New beginnings 
Oct 7th     Basic awareness deaf 
Nov 4th     Self healing tips
Dec 2nd     Craft & cake

BSL meet up 
For people who have learned BSL  British Sign Language have basic or little knowledge of sign to advanced signers to practice and have fun while meting new people to share our skills 
we meet the 3rd Thursday of the month 7 to 830pm £5pp
Dates below:
April 23rd 
May 25th 
June 16th 
July 20th 
Aug holidays 
Sept 17th 
Oct 15th 
Nov 19th 
Dec 17th

Online classes from £45 with live interaction and feedback, tasks set and video feedback to improve skills receptive signing and expressive.

BSL new beginner May to learn signs and basic Deaf awareness 
only course launching in may  10 hours of signing tuition and video homework set to improve skills.
10 hours of more advanced signing building upon linguistics and vocabulary to improve flow and better understanding of sign language.
£45 pp
10 hours of story telling and advanced signing techniques earning multi channel signing and flow and fluency of sign 
lots of practical assessments and practice online with tuition support throughout .

 Available in person to suit your needs and 10 hours of one to one tuition is £150.
£15 per lesson.
Deaf Awareness Courses available to teach individuals and companies how to work with their Deaf customers and employees without isolating them.

Testimonials of previous companies & clients  Previousy have taught:

Elaine really helped our staff to understand how Deafness can be so isolating not only for customers but for empolyees. Recommend this for any business to help understand their Deaf customer and staff needs better.
Severside housing Shrewsbury 2010
We trained our customer service staff in Deaf awareness and basic sign language with Elaine and found it has made our staff be more aware of issues that may arise within Deaf culture and gave us the confidence to use our basic signs to help.
Katie Broome
Telford Town Centre Staff