Training Courses

I am an approved Solace Academy trainer  which accredits all the courses so you can be insured to start or expand your own business of holistic therapies


Courses are small groups three or less and one to one also available at no extra cost to you. 

All courses are suitable for beginners and qualified therapists and I am available after the course for any questions, queries or information you may want at no extra cost.  

Each course is hands on and I can help with the practical work as much as you need to ensure you totally understand before treating others.

To Book a course please email me or give me a call on  07817 743 481

Reiki 1st degree is used for treating yourself and shows you the basic techniques of Reiki healing.

During the 2 day training course you will receive

A powerful attunements this gives you Reiki energy.

Course focuses on personal development, use of Reiki energy, healing techniques and Reiki origins.

The course manual is comprehensive and is a guide to use with pictures and symbols to really embed learning. 

When I am training I like to have time to reflect so allow 2 days for training as the attainments can be really exciting and bring up ideas and events to discuss.

Cost:£195. Dates available upon request

Reiki 2nd degree is a one day course that further develops your learning and skills as a Reiki practitioner so you can then conduct Reiki on clients.

I teach distance healing and you learn powerful symbols that enhance Reiki healings. Learn about grounding techniques and how to clear blockages and bring healing to higher level.

After level 2 you can become a Reiki Practitioner and set up your own business which for me was life changing and I have never looked back.


Reiki Master practitioner course is a one day course but ongoing support as with any of the courses with

This level you will learn Usui Master symbols that have been tight through generations of Reiki and the healing powers.  Your spiritual awareness self development deepen and the course is adaptable around your needs.


We discuss any examples that may have occurred in the Reiki sessions that you have conducted and learn a deeper meaning of why these happen.  Powerful attunement occurs and you also learn how to give attunenment so you can then teach reiki to others.


This course is packed with learning experiences and hands on training which I feel is the best for each individual to gain at their own levels.


Cost: £285

The main focus of sports massage is to help alleviate aches and pains through manipulation, massage and rehabilitation techniques. It can effectively deal with a variety of musculoskeletal problems; it will significantly aid recovery, reduce symptoms/pain and improve sporting performance.


The course will cover:


  • Anatomy & Physiology of Sports Massage Therapy
  • Professional Conduct as SMT
  • Sports Massage Treatments


Duration: Anatomy & Physiology assignments must be completed one month prior to the practical course. Three full days practical training with case studies (25 treatments) and assessment.  

An additional half-day will be required for your theory exam and your practical exam which consists of pre-sports massage, post-sports massage and ‘maintenance’ massage.  

This can only be completed when you have conducted all of your case studies and all your theory work has been marked; the examinations date can be arranged to suit your learning needs and around your personal schedule.

Entry Requirements: A recognised Body Massage qualification (available with Solace if needed)

Cost: £550.00.  Initial deposit payable to Solace and the remainder of the balance is payable to the Tutor