Elaine Vinters BAHons

This all started with Reiki, my friend needed a practice client and I said yes, I had no idea how it would change my life dramatically for the better and help me find who I really am.  My story is not a happy one as I lived in Canada and adopted two beautiful children, after years of infertility and bouts of depression. I moved back home to the UK in 2002 with nothing but my children and three suitcases I felt I had to leave after a very abusive relationship and felt being near family and far away from the past that I could start over with the children alone.  After one session of Reiki I felt totally deferent and it opened me up to realised  there was more to life than constant battling through. 

After 6 sessions of reiki I came off 7 years of depression meds with doctors help he was astonished. I was also training alone side the Reiki as a life Coach though Chester university post grad and felt the both really help the person holistically.The Reiki business began to help others feel as good as I did and  get a better perspective on life whether it be from a unpleasant past or new direction job, travel whatever Reiki can really help you refocus and be the best you can be. Since 2008 I have been a Reiki Master & holistic therapist and have taught many Courses in Sports Massage through Solace Academy.  I am based in Telford TF31YW and offer a warm friendly positive environment for you to relax, revive, refocus & retrain.